SIMTAC Super Grip Mobile Holder with charger ( QC 3.0) Bikes/ Scooters| MHC3

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₹ 2,999


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In modern eva, we all enjoy riding to beautiful places; the places we had never been and for that we are dependent on a navigation device which navigates to

specified route. Being a bike rider, only a mobile holder keeps our smartphone firm on the motorbike. One has not to hamper his ride and take out the mobile

to navigate the location. One can ride with ease and smoothness. Thus, a mobile holder becomes a significant tool of rider’s long journeys, to locate as per

rider’s positioning. Simtac’s super grip mobile holder serves a rider’s need effectively and efficiently.


  • Always select appropriate handle mount spacer 22 MM/ 25 MM according to your bike handle diameter to avoid damages
  • Do not place handle mount on curvy areas of handle bar.


  Package Contents :

  • Mobile Holder (1 nos.)
  • Mount T1 (1 nos.)
  • Mount T2 ( 1 nos.)
  • Allen Key (1 nos.)
  • Fuse (2 nos.)
  • Thank you Card (1 nos.)
  • Warranty Card (1 nos.)

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