Electric Tyre Inflator - Car / Motorcycle

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Grandpitstop Electric Tire Inflator Is A Portable Air Compressor That Can Inflate A Bike/ Car Tyre Quickly And Helps While Stuck On The Road. It Comes With The Dual Connecting Port Which Makes It Suitable For Connecting To Both Car And Motorcycle. Never Get Stuck Because Of Flat Tires' Most Compact Design, Also The Most Efficient And Reliable Tire Inflator In Its Class. Very Useful For Topping Up Tire Pressure In Cars And Bikes (Especially During Summers).

Pair This Electric Inflator With Grandpitstop Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit And Never Get Stuck On The Road.

Key Features:

  • Dual Port €? Can Be Connected To Car And Motorcycle Both.
  • Very Powerful Pump €? (Will Inflate A Motorcycle/Car Tire From 0-35 Psi In 5-10Mins ) Excellent For Topping Up Car Tires In Emergencies
  • Portable €? Compact In Size And Can Be Easily Stored In Less Space
  • Multiple Measuring Units €? Bar, Ps, Kpa And Kg/Cm^2
  • Fast And Easy Inflation For Car, Bike, Bicycle Tires, And Other Inflatables

How To Use

  • Plug The Power Connector To Car Socket / Motorcycle Battery
  • Connect The Air Hose Nozzle Tightly With The Tire Valve.
  • Inspect Current Tire Pressure And Press The On/Off Button To Start Inflating.
  • Check The Tire Pressure Reading On The Dial Of The Machine, Manually Turn Off The Switch Once Desired Tire Pressure Has Been Reached.
  • Disconnect The Air Hose Nozzle And Pull Out The Power Plug From The Socket.

Product Specification:

Max Pressure ‰?100Psi

Max Currents 8A

Ambient Temp -20°C~Ϲ?70°C

Cable Length 2800±100Mm

Hose Length 110±10Mm

Accessory 1*Inflating Needle Gas Nozzle, 2*Connecting Socket

Size 110X104X41Mm

Weight 0.4Kg

Inflatable Time ‰?10Mins ϼ?0~35Psi)

Continuous Working Time 30 Minutes


  • Kindly Note Each Use Of The Inflator Should Not Be Longer Than 15 Minutes. Please Allow The Unit To Cool Down For At Least 15 Minutes After Each Use.
  • Please Make Sure The Amp Of The Fuse Equipped Is 10A, So We Do Not Suggest If Amp Of Vehicle Power Socket Is Higher Than 10A.
  • The Product Only Can Be Used On Dc 12V Power Source, It Can'T Be Used On Ac 110V, Ac 220V, Dc 24V, Dc 36V.
  • Inspect The Air Compressor Before Each Use, Make Sure There Is No Damage To The Air Hose, Valve Or Any Other Components.
  • Do Not Bend The Air Hose While Inflating.
  • Once Found A Strange Sound Or Overheat, Please Turn Off The Device Directly And Cool It Down For 20 Minutes.
  • For Safety Reasons, The Tire Inflator Should Not Be Left Running Unattended.
  • Do Not Let The Compressor Close To Flammable Liquids And Gases.

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