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Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat (Cruiser Premium) with Pump

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The Air Comfy Seat by GrandPitstop offers many features making a rider’s journey comfortable. It uses advanced air suspension technology to give proper air flow circulation and right balance to the rider while riding. Whether you ride for one hour or ten, the Air Comfy Seat provides the required comfort that makes your ride pleasurable. The Air Comfy Seat saves your bum from sore and sweat with Air Ventilation and let you enjoy your ride!

The Seat distributes pressure evenly and Eliminates Painful Pressure Points & Numbness. The Air Ventilation reduces Heat & Moisture Build up and the cushion absorbs Vibrations & Shocks.

Key Features

  • Inflate/Deflate Air Seat on The Go
  • Helps reduce pressure on the lower back
  • Reduces butt pain
  • High Quality Mesh Seat
  • YKK Zipper
  • Rain Cover
  • 50% jerk reduction

How To Use

  1. Install the Air Comfy Seat on your Motorcycle’s seat keeping the straps in criss-cross position.
  2. Make sure the length of straps is adjusted properly to keep the Air Comfy Seat on place while riding
  3. Squeeze in the middle repeatedly to inflate the Air Comfy Seat, keeping the deflation knob tight clock-wise.
  4. Rotate the deflation knob anticlockwise to reduce air pressure, then tighten it again.
  5. Slide off the hooks from all points to easily uninstall your Air Comfy Seat when not in use.

Features & details

  • Adjust Air Pressure on the GO with Inbuilt Inflator/Deflator
  • Tail Bone Support to help reduce Pain while riding
  • Air Cushion Effect which helps in comfortable long rides
  • Easily Detachable when not in use and Easy to Carry
  • Additional Puncture Patch is provided

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