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Holy Guardian Bells

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Holy Guardian Bells are one of the oldest, strong belief going around since men started exploring the world by riding motorcycles. It is also called as guardian bells, motorcycle bells, angel bells, good luck bells, holy bells etc. It has been said that evil spirits on roads have been latching on to motorcycles for as long as there are motorcycles on roads. All these are believed to be responsible for mechanical breakdowns, unnecessary hassles, delays or bad luck while riding.

Legend has it that constant ringing of bell makes evil spirit insane and traps it with in it and finally making them lose their grip until they fall down.

So in a way it safeguards motorcycle-ride from evil spirits on roads. The power of bell doubles when it is gifted by someone and not bought our-self. It is also believed that it is a symbol of brotherhood or token of love, a way to remember while riding that someone is waiting for us back at home, so ride responsibly and reach back home safely.


Item Weight: 40.8 g

Product Dimensions: 1.9 x 1.9 x 4.4 cm

MADE: In pure 100% Brass and no alloys.

USE: It comes with a circular ring on the top, use it to hang freely somewhere on your motorcycle so that it can ring freely & constantly. Bell tied should be free to move in all directions and ring constantly. Handmade in India.

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