Chain Cleaner Spray – 500ML

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Product Description

Wuerth Chain Cleaner Spray (500 ml)- excellent cleaner for bike chains-compatible with o/x/z rings. Suitable for cleaning of motorcycle chain, pin, joint & connection. Removes contaminants like dirt, grime, oil, dust, and dries in minutes.

  • Excellent cleaning performance and degreasing ability with very high capillary action.
  • Leave no residue and maintain performance for a longer time and are compatible with o/x/z rings.
  • Its unique formula breaks down oil and grease to leave the chain clean and contaminant free.
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Can also be applied to running machinery, since the user’s hands always remain outside the hazard zone; suitable for lubricating rapidly rotating elements, e.G. Chains, and chain wheels, open gearwheels, toothed racks, slide rails, cog rollers, wire cables, etc.

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