Yamaha | MT-15 | Compatible | Simtac | PNP Hazard Flasher / Adapter / Module | MT15-WS4

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This “One and Only” Plug and Play Hazard Module/Flasher for Yamaha MT-15  can be fitted easily without any cutting or slicing of wire.

This Tourer Edition Flasher allows you to blink all the 4 indicators at the same time in best multiple flashing styles [i.e. quick flash, slow flash, police patrolling]which makes you visible from a long distance. Thus, enhancing your Presence on road leading you to a safer zone specially in unfavorable conditions i.e. fog, storm, rain etc.

Best product for Highways/Fog/Mountains/Heavy Rain/Storm driving


  Package Contents :

  • Hazard Module(1 nos.)
  • Jumper Wire(1 nos.)
  • Control Switch(1 nos.)

✔️ 24 Months Replacement Warranty

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