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Liqui Moly Motorbike Chain & Brake Cleaner (500ml)

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Special cleaner with a combination of selected solvents. For the rapid, efficient cleaning and degreasing of structural components on two-wheelers.
For cleaning chains with and without O/X-rings on two-wheelers and ATVs as well as drum and disk brake systems, their brake pads and components as well as brake calipers.


Place a box or rag under the parts to be cleaned. Spray dirty chains with Motorbike Chain and Brake Cleaner and let it run off. After the solvents have evaporated (approx. 10 min), the chain will be clean and free of grease and ready to be coated with Motorbike Chain Lube (part no. 1508) or Motorbike Chain Spray White (part no. 1591). Do not spray onto plastics. 

Important: With painted brake calipers and components as well as plastics, check for compatibility on a hidden area before application.

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